Verra Oradea「ヴェラ・オラデア, Vu~era Oradea」 is the main character of Daughter of the Void as the daughter of Lily Rose-Oradea and Seregion Oradea. She is an assassin and the next Head of the Oradea Assassin Clan. She is a Progenitor and a Princess of Succubus and Incubus.

Appearance Edit

Verra has a short figure, standing only at 5'4" for a girl of English descent. Her red hair is described to be vibrant and very curly. It looks as if it took her hours just to get her hair styled in a beautiful way when it's only her natural hairstyle. She has green eyes like the grass during spring. Her unusual traits make her look like an apple.

If she isn't wearing her battle gear, she usually wears a black vest with two rows of buttons going down at the front, topped over a white dress shirt that reveals a little cleavage. Her shirt is tucked beneath loose black short shorts that end above the middle of her thigh. Her stockings are connected by garters to the clothing below her shorts. Aside from that, she wears white just-below-the-knee combat boots.

Personality Edit

Verra has a sarcastic attitude and doesn't put much emotion into her words. She generally tends to smirk before teasing someone. Despite her appearance, she has little to no elegance in her movements as she is quite reckless with everything.

Due to the circumstances in the Oradea family, Verra grew up not knowing what a family is and doesn't attach many strings to anyone. The closest person to her is Addison, and even she isn't viewed as that close to a family to Verra. It's more of the obligation to protect compared to truly caring for someone.

It's implied that some of her perverted antics are just an act she has to put up to make others think she is a succubus. It is hinted when she tells Kaiden, "Hm, what if it's just a way I have to behave? For as long as I can remember, I have been told to act a certain way regardless of what others would think."

History Edit

At the physical age of five, it is revealed in her conversation with Lily that her father didn't show up in a matter of over a week. The evening later, Verra is caught in a fight with Lily and someone else. After that, everything was a blackout.

Though her mother had told her to go to Addison for help, it's assumed that she bent Lily's instructions and went to the Oradea Clan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Assassinate: Verra's Power gives her the ability to do anything related to assassination for as long as she has seen or has the image of the technique for herself. While powerful, this ability has its downs.

  • Assassinate causes her to be open to any attacks when in use.
  • The power's effect cannot be controlled. It will either deal a lethal blow or severely injure the target.
  • She has to see her target to use the skill.
  • Can only be used with cursed swords.

Trivia Edit

  • Verra was originally planned to be a male, but Aya had a major difficulty with writing male characters.
  • Aya has had this character for as long as she remembers, but usually dismissed the thought because of opinions leading to the question; Why would a six-year-old think of a one-hit kill?
  • Apples remind Aya of the uncle that introduced her to anime, so she decided to make a character that has a design that would let the readers or viewers take apples to an image.
  • Though Verra was planned to be more relatable with a "normal personality," she wanted to give a chance to those who would sometimes put a brave front to hide their weaknesses. "Some people usually don't try to think about how these kinds of people are feeling," she says.