The Rose Royal Family is the current lineage that runs Castitas, the kingdom of Incubi and Succubi. Before Evangeline obtained the throne, there were eight potential competitors for the throne: Evangeline, Everleigh, Lilianne, Lillianna, Evelina, Lily, Lilith, and Evelyn. All of their names either start with "Ev" or "Lil." This is supposed to reference the names "Eve" and "Lilith."

Evangeline Edit

Queen Evangeline Lussuria Rose is the current queen of Castitas. After Lilith disappeared, she was the one to rule the kingdom while keeping a chair as a sub-ruler to the nation if the missing queen were to return.


Everleigh Edit


Lilianne Edit

Known as the Crazy Chess Obsessed Sister, Lilianne is the third daughter and the best at strategizing, always thinking twenty steps ahead of her opponent.


Lilianna Edit

Lilianna is the most masculine of her sisters. She wields many weapons and is the general of Castitas' armies.


Evelina Edit

Evelina is the main antagonist for His Lost Star and the cause of many problems for the Neatherrealm.

She is the mother of Odette Azazel Woods, also knowns as Cygnus Henry. She is the spouse of Azazel Woods.


Lily Edit

Lily is the wife of Shuuzo Yasuhiro and mother of Layla Rose Yasuhiro and Lunaria Elsis Herondale. She is said to be the purest beauty among her sister, a trait that she passed on to Lunaria. Her most famous achievement was taking the role of heroine during the Hundred Years' War under the name Joan of Arc.


Lilith Edit

Lilith is the mother of Lyra, Apollo, Artemis, and Ursa Henry. She is also the adoptive mother of Cygnus, otherwise known as Odette Azazel Woods.


Evelyn Edit