Michi Miyamoto, also known by her Magihunter name Scarlet-Scythed Samurai, is the Heavenly General and Lord of Shinjatta, the Grim Reaper Society.

Appearance Edit

Michi has the appearance of a seventeen-year-old girl with silver hair as white as snow tied into a messy ponytail held by a black tie. Her right sidelock goes down to her ribs while her right sidelock is tied loosely within her ponytail. Her bangs cover her forehead, sweeping towards her right. Michi has pale blue eyes that blend with frost.

Michi takes pride in her Japanese ethnicity. She wears a blue halter kimono with two slits going down her hip. She wears a greyish black arm warmer and boots with golden borders with gauntlets above them.

Personality Edit

Michi is a serious, well-mannered, down-to-earth, and holds a lot of pride,

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Trivia Edit

  • Michi Miyamoto was originally planned to be a basis out of the Greek Chaste Huntress, Atalante, but she was changed to Japanese ethnicity with a tie to Musashi Miyamoto.