Wind Style: Wind Concealment is a sheathe of wind that covers La Drapeau and conceals it so that it can't be recognizable as the holy flag of the Lady of La Drapeau and expose her identity. It is a magical field that comes closer to Magecraft than an ability made up of layers of wind compressed into a great pressured air with a massive amount of magical power, which completely blocks the refraction of light and makes whatever is inside completely invisible.

On La Drapeau, it takes the shape of the pole and makes it an invisible sword that doesn't even show sparks flying off. It dulls the attack power and strength of the flag, making it appear as a heavy lance.

If the barrier is released to use the full extent of its power, the previously compressed wind surges around her chaotically, creating a vacuum as it diffuses into the air with enough force to knock over normal people and shake heavy, firm trees like a typhoon. The compressed wind can also instead be released as a single use projectile weapon called Wind Style: Storm Whirlwind. It is a long range attack with a constant amount of damage that is not influenced by Luna's physical condition or her level of magical energy. It can only be blocked by overwhelming it with a higher amount of magical energy. It can also be used to accelerate her own body towards her opponent, allowing her to travel at four times her normal speed. After releasing it, she can recall it by saying the spell aloud and compressing the surrounding air to reform the barrier.