The Celestial Realm in the realm where the Judging Races, the Angels and Grim Reapers, live. They are two neutral races that keep order amongst all the beings. Just like the other magical goverments, a king or queen, as well as a council, rule over the the kingdom. This council is the leader's chosen successors. The current ruler can choose their own children or siblings to rule one of the chairs of the council. It is also possible for high-ranking government officials or generals to hold a space on the council.

A common mistake people make is classifying the jobs of the Angels and Grim Reapers together. Despite working together for a common purpose, they have different roles when it comes to their jobs. Grim Reapers are an existence neutral to magical creatures and humans. Their principal job is to check each dying soul's kaleidoscope of memories one by one to determine whether they deserve to die or not. For the person who receives the judgment, the person must die, the Grim Reapers use their Death Scythes to sever his or her memories and souls from his or her bodies, resulting in the person's death.

If the Grim Reapers are classified as the police, then the Angels would be the court. Their job is to decide whether "this person belongs in Heaven or Hell" by debating whether they deserve to live in a place where there are no pain and sufferings, or should they spend the rest of their existence in Hell and pay for their sins. Most people's fate could be decided without going through great lengths, but the Angels have to make sure that their judgement is level-headed.

Grandina Edit

Grandina is where the Hierarchy of Angels inhabit. The ruler of the Angels is the Schwartz Royal Family with their current leader, Allison Amanda Schwartz. The current family is made up of Allison Amanda Schwartz, Nicola Cadenza Pendragon, Isla and Khryseis Atalanta Mystria as the active members. The deceased members include James Adam Schwartz, Alexandra Beatrice Schwartz, and Arthur Pendragon.

Shinjatta Edit

Literally meaning Dead in English, Shinjatta is the place where the Grim Reaper society inhabit. The current ruler is Yukina Shiro.